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PieceWorker - Time Clocks

You can optionally use a wall-mounted electronic time clock to collect clock in and clock out data from fixed locations such as office buildings, warehouses, repair shops, packing houses, etc. The clock must be mounted near a power outlet (the provided A/C adapter has a 6-foot power cord).

If you are within reach of a network switch, you can use a standard Ethernet patch cable to connect the clock to your office network, where you can download it by simply clicking a button within PieceWorker. (PieceWorker also has an option to schedule the automatic downloading of a network-connected clock after hours if you like.)

If no network connection is available, you can download data via a USB “jump drive” (aka “memory stick”), then insert that jump drive into an office computer to read the data from within PieceWorker. The secondary USB option allows you to put a clock ANYWHERE that has power…simply download it periodically and bring the data back to the office.

The BIOMETRIC clock scans fingerprints to determine which employee is clocking in or out, eliminating the “buddy punching” problem where an employee can ask a coworker to clock in for him. Each employee has to be enrolled ahead of time at the clock by entering his employee number and scanning one or more fingers (we usually suggest two in case a finger gets cut, etc.). Although employees need to have reasonably clean fingers when using these clocks, they are currently in use at farms, packing houses, cotton gins, and warehouses around the country.

The BARCODE scanning-time clock allows employees to clock in or out by swiping their existing employee ID card (the same card used with the handheld computers). No pre-enrollment is required…if an employee has an ID card, he can clock in or out at any available barcode-scanning time clock.

Note that the Opticon OPL9728/OPL9712 handheld computers mentioned on other pages are also essentially “mobile time clocks” in that they allow employees to clock in or out ANYWHERE by simply scanning their ID card.