AMS Support

Many former and current AgManagement System (AMS) users are aware that a few years ago, eCotton (formerly IDI) dropped all future support and updates for AMS. Unfortunately, this means that tax table updates, and updates to the tax form utility have also been discontinued.

Since that time Mobile FarmWare has been providing customer support for many of these users at a low yearly cost. Additionally, we can also help you upgrade to our Windows Accounting Made Simple (WAMS) product. While AMS is still viable for some companies, continued tax form changes, tax law changes, and the pace of technology are making it more and more difficult to continue using a DOS-based program like AMS. Even purchasing a computer that will still run AMS is challenging and may become impossible over the next few years.

What you get...
  • World class customer support from the programmer who wrote AMS and other former IDI employees.
  • We research and publish annual federal tax table updates and supply them with instructions on exactly how to enter them in AMS.
  • Free use of our Windows Accounting Made Simple (WAMS) tax form module including the latest tax forms and electronic file formats.
  • Advice on buying a new computer.  Did you know that many of  the computers on the market today will not run AMS without additional software called a "Virtual Machine".  We can give you the information you need to select a new computer and then, in most cases, help you move your data and software to your new system.
  • Our Mobile FarmWare newsletter containing information about our products and about the latest technology.
  • Finally, you get an upgrade path to our Windows Accounting Made Simple (WAMS) software which contains many concepts that will be familiar to you from AMS with some great new time-saving features.
For users who decide not to purchase a full support contract, we will still be glad to help you with your problem for a small per-incident fee.

Please contact us using the number at the top of this page for more information or to sign up today!