Global Cash Card

GCC Cards

We have partnered with payroll card provider Global Cash Card to offer payroll cards at no additional cost to you! Payroll cards are a great way to eliminate check fraud and long lines. If you are interested in payroll card services, please contact us at 910-533-2624 for more information!

What are the employer benefits?
  • It's FREE! Global Cash Card services are free to the employer!
  • Eliminates Check Fraud
  • Easier Payroll - You no longer have to print and sign dozens or hundreds of checks. Simply pay the employees by direct deposit file from our Windows Accounting Made Simple (WAMS) or your favorite accounting system.
  • Enroll employees with the click of a button if you use WAMS, thanks to our integration with Global Cash Card's system.
What are the employee benefits?
  • It's FREE! Your employees can avoid all fees by following a few simple guidelines on how to use their cards and they get to avoid those check cashing fees!
  • FREE multi-lingual customer service 24x7x365
  • FREE MasterCard branded card that can be used all over the world!
  • FREE access to account balance online or via the Customer Service number.
  • No monthly maintenance fee!
  • FREE first withdrawal from an ATM each pay period at over 37,000 AllPoint Network ATMs!