Windows Accounting Made Simple (WAMS) - Accounts Payable Features

Some users enter bills into their accounting system only when they are ready to write a check to pay the bill. Other users enter bills as they are received, allowing them to later review unpaid bills by due date (if any) and select specific bills to pay. The Accounts Payable module of WAMS allows you to use either of these methods, and it includes other features that ease the burden of tracking and paying bills.

  • The Quick Pay option allows you to predefine recurring bills and pay them by simply entering the current bill amount and clicking [Pay]. This simplifies payment of bills for telephone, electricity, insurance, and others that vary only in the amount due each month.
  • Pay bills by check or electronic draft.
  • If you enter unpaid bills for later review, the Pay Vouchers option allows you to select them for payment individually, by due date, or by vendor.
  • Upcoming unpaid bills clearly shown by vendor on the main Overview screen as well as in the Aging Report.
  • Optionally advance money to employees by writing a check or paying a bill on their behalf (e.g. paying a utility bill, allowing them to buy auto parts on the company account, etc.). Current employee advance balance is clearly shown on their payroll check stub.
  • Optional entry of 1099 form types for 1099 Miscellaneous Income, Rent, Patronage, Dividend, and Interest. Printing of 1099 forms and electronic filing are included within the system at no extra cost.

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