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PieceWorker - Companies

PieceWorker allows you to create separate "companies", each with their own unique name, to track employees and work detail records. There is no limit to the number of companies you can run in PieceWorker, and there are no additional charges involved.

With PieceWorker, you can:
  • Run a simple setup in ONE company, with all employees processed and paid for one employer
  • Run ONE company, but set employee and job options to process the data to several destinations (sometimes just to segregate the data, and sometimes because the same employees/jobs are actually being paid by more than one employer)
  • Run MULTIPLE companies, each with their own distinct set of employees, with each company generally being paid by a different “employer”. You might run one company for your full-time farm employees, one for your packhouse operation, and one for each of several labor contractors that supply you with workers. Data can be collected on any available handheld/clock, and PieceWorker will automatically separate it when downloading devices based on the employee ID prefix for each company.

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