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ID Printing Kit
Figure 1. Evolis Tattoo 2 ID Printer

PieceWorker - Employee IDs

PieceWorker allows you to have up to 9,999 employees per company.

The handheld computers and barcode time clocks collect data by reading the barcode printed on the employee ID. If you don’t buy the optional photo ID printing kit, the barcode can be printed from a standard laser printer to labels or cardboard badge stock and laminated or inserted in a plastic badgeholder.

If you purchase the photo ID printing kit, you can quickly create hard plastic ID cards that are better able to withstand weather and abuse. They can be reprinted at any time to replace lost or damaged cards, at a cost of around $0.12 each. They can include a company logo, employee photo, and optional text such as an employee group (crew) code.

The photo ID printing kit (Figure 1) contains an ID printer such as the Evolis Tattoo pictured here, 500 blank ID cards, a black ribbon good for 600 cards, and a USB webcam optionally used to capture employee photos within PieceWorker. Cards can be purchased in several colors to easily identify workers from different crews, companies, etc.

PieceWorker also contains an option to “Clone employees” to create temporary ID cards that can be distributed in the field to put people to work IMMEDIATELY. You can simply write down the employee name and the card number given and later update the temporary PieceWorker record (and optionally reprint a card with the employee’s name on it).

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