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How do farms and other companies use PieceWorker?

  • Tobacco farms, cotton farms, and other row crop operations sometimes use PieceWorker only for hourly work, clocking employees in and out at one or more electronic time clocks or using inexpensive handheld computers…or both.
  • Cotton gins, cotton warehouses, and other industrial-style operations also use electronic time clocks…and often opt for the biometric (fingerprint) versions to avoid “buddy punching” (ensuring that friends can’t clock in for other friends that aren’t actually there).
  • Blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry growers can count buckets/flats in the field and track total time worked for those jobs as well. Some blueberry growers pay their employees cash in the field, some pay cash through pay windows at the office, and some write checks or make direct deposits each week.
  • Peach and other tree fruit growers can track units picked and hours spent working…at each individual orchard if desired.
  • Vegetable growers can use a combination of electronic time clocks and/or handheld computers to collect clock ins and outs for hourly jobs. Any crops picked by the “unit” (box, flat, lug, etc.) can be collected in the field on the handheld computers.

All of these operations can download the collected data and easily turn it into timesheets…and then paychecks…by automatically passing the data from PieceWorker to another program such as our Windows Accounting Made Simple payroll module or Quickbooks, Famous, Red Wing, Excel, and others.

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