Windows Accounting Made Simple (WAMS) - System Features

  • Create for an unlimited number of companies. Very few users have only one set of books. WAMS allows you to create additional companies at any time to handle secondary partnerships, personal books, etc.
  • Use on a single computer or multiple networked computers at no additional cost.
  • Flexible check formats allow you to use one of our standard layouts or make simple changes to accommodate your own checks. If you like, you can even print to blank check stock (shared among multiple companies) or pressure-sealed checks (for privacy or easy mailing).
  • Optional User Rights allow you to restrict access to the system, its companies, and options within a company. For example, limit a payroll clerk to entering only timesheets or limit an accounts payable clerk to entering only upcoming bills.
  • Keep multiple fiscal years and periods open if you like, or close old periods and years to block further changes. Reopen them at any time by simply clicking a button if you need to change detail records. You have the freedom to work in any open fiscal period, without clumsy requirements that force you to “finalize” one period before working in a new one. If, after closing a period, you discover you need to make changes, WAMS allows you to simply re-open the period.
  • Option to automatically sign checks when printing using your own digital signature stored on a secure USB jump drive. This sounds like a minor feature…unless you have spent time signing or stamping lots of checks each week.
  • Use numeric or alphanumeric IDs for all records in the system…accounts, customers, vendors, employees, etc. For example, the checking account might be account “1000”, or it might actually be called “Checking”. If you need more room in your chart of accounts or you don’t like a customer ID, change IDs any time you like without affecting detail data!
  • Multi-level, farm-friendly departmentalization allows you to track revenue and expenses by crop, farm/field, and more. See just how much you made and spent on each crop…and each farm or field if you like.
  • Export reports to PDF files and quickly send them to your accountant or other interested parties via email. The recipient can the print the documents or store them in their electronic form.  This can be a great way to save toner/ink, paper, postage and time!
  • Import data from other systems – including employee timesheets from our PieceWorker program and GL/AP/AR transactions from other systems including popular cotton-industry software.

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