Windows Accounting Made Simple (WAMS) - Payroll Features

  • Simplified payroll creation – import timesheets from our PieceWorker program or manually enter them in detailed or summary form. Use our Create Payrolls option and click a few buttons as we walk you through calculating payroll, printing checks, creating direct deposit files, and printing Wage Statements. Process salaried employees at the same time or in a different run. You can go from timesheets to digitally-signed paychecks in minutes.
  • Flexible payroll jobs let you easily control payment of hourly and piecework tasks and pay rates. Special jobs also allow you to add to any employee’s payroll for bonuses, commissions, etc. Add new jobs any time you need them.
  • Pay employees by printing checks or via direct deposit or MasterCard-branded cash cards. (Direct deposit and cash card files are uploaded via the internet using your online banking software.) Cash cards can be used at no cost to the employer and, if used as directed, at no cost to the employee!
  • Print Wage Statements in English or Spanish as noted in each employee’s record. These are essentially extended check stubs, optionally showing daily timesheet details, taxes and adjustments, and year-to-date totals. If desired, employees can sign the bottom of their statement to agree that they are being paid properly, and the signed statement can be kept on file.
  • Loan money to employees and set up an automatic repayment deduction, taken only if they have a loan balance (which is clearly shown on their check stub). You can also pay bills on behalf of employees as an advance, such as allowing them to buy auto parts or paying an electric bill, and charge the amount to their advance balance.
  • If you use H-2A contract employees, the H-2A Contract Status Report shows whether employees have reached 50% or 75% of their contract, to alert the employer of key targets in contract fulfillment. Wage statments can be printed with daily details such as hours worked, time offered, time refused. Our strong community of users helps us stay on top of the latest deamnds of auditors.
  • Optionally guarantee a minimum hourly wage, using separate minimum rates for migrant and resident workers, and compensate employees automatically when their average hourly wage for the pay period is too low. Employees being compensated are clearly marked, allowing you to investigate and correct any issues before finalizing payroll.
  • Manually entered timesheets can be quickly “cloned” to turn one timesheet into many. When employees work together in groups on the same jobs, you can enter one timesheet for the first employee and simply clone it to other selected employees.
  • Define an unlimited number of payroll adjustments – deductions (or additions) for uniforms, tax or child support garnishments, repayment of employee advances and loans, insurance, union dues, monthly rents, and more. Create more any time you need them, using a fixed rate, percentage of gross pay, percentage of net pay, per hour or piece unit, and more. Adjustments can be taken after taxes or before taxes to handle 401k deductions, certain type of insurance deductions, etc.
  • Optionally automate the calculation of overtime based on simple rules, or manually enter overtime timesheets for ultimate control.
  • A wide range of report options keep you informed on payroll tax liabilities, state quarterly unemployment data, employee productivity, new hires, and more. You have the option of printing W2 forms within the system at no additional charge.
  • Integrates with payroll card provider Global Cash Card to make enrolling and paying employees simple!

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