Windows Accounting Made Simple (WAMS) - Accounts Receivable Features

Accounts Receivable is an optional module, used only by operations that need to regularly bill customers for the purchase of goods and services, optionally send monthly customer statements, and optionally calculate finance charges on overdue invoices.

  • Option to print simple customer invoices for each Accounts Receivable transaction.
  • Customer statements can be “open item” or “balance forward”. Open Item statements show details on all unpaid invoices, regardless of their age, as well as showing all invoice activity during the statement month. Balance Forward statements summarize all unpaid invoices prior to the statement month into a single “balance forward” line.
  • Unpaid amounts clearly shown by customer on the main Overview screen as well as in the Aging Report.
  • Flexible handling of customer payment terms and finance charges.
  • Customer payments can be applied automatically (to the oldest transaction first) or manually (to the transactions you specify).

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